Monday, July 30, 2007

Current Disappointment & Obsession

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Man...can't believe it took me so long to finish watching "The Family Link," a short 21 episode series. Originally, I assumed it's going to be like like "La Femme Desperado", since it contains majority of the cast like: Sheren Tang, Michael Tse, Kenneth Ma, etc. Warning: Don't be fooled! I liked LFD, it was interesting and got better as the series progresses. I don't like TFL, it was interesting at the BEGINNING, but got draggy as the series progresses (my personal opinion of course). I was ready for it to end by episode 15, a definite first for any TVB series. Oh..wait...nvm, I forgot about "Men in Pain;" lasted only 5 episodes on that one! lol....

Anyways, it was the first time for me to watch a Cecilia Yip's series, and I think it may as well be my last. Argh...something about her (or her character) I just don't like, but can't exactly pinpoint it out. For those who have seen it, maybe you'll agree with me? Another person that really stood out to me was Michael Tse. Michael dollying around in female apparel throughout the last half of the series was really...interesting storyline by TVB? Too be honest, I had my eyebrows raised throughout those parts. hmm... =/

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Just started on this series, and I am hooked on it already! The 1st episode captivates the audience (it did to me) with Louisa So's character being convicted and enters the life behind bars. The set for the prison was wonderfully constructed. It was dark, muggy, dirty, with just a hint of light penetrating from the crack ceilings from above. I like it! lol...very realistic. Especially have to give props to the casting of the other female convicts Louisa gets lock up with. They are so cool! Like Celine Ma. ( guys might think I'm psycho by now. lol... )

Originally, I had no plans or interest in watching this series. I didn't find it appealing enough, plus I don't know who Krystal Tin was. So why bother?! But just take a look at its poster! Looks like a cover of a mystery/suspense novel with 2 elegantly dress ladies sitting on a settee in the front, but in the back there's a mirror reflecting their true inner beings (Louisa is stabbing Krystal in the back, both wearing prisoner's outfits). A shocked Leila hides behind the curtain, helpless to her sister's aide; while a frowning Sunny looks on but doesn't put the effort to rescue. Hints the plot of the series. lol...sorry, I'm thinking way way too deep. My imagination is just spinning like crazy. I guess my point about this series is clear for now. May do more posts later as I continue watching! =)

Swollen face Joey records for "We Are Ready"

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Source: The Sun

Last night, Joey Yung was recording for the 2008 Beijing Olympic song, “We Are Ready,” sporting a face-mask. Having her wisdom teeth removed recently, Joey’s face appeared quite swollen and had to use a face-mask to cover up. Possibly, because of her toothache, Joey was very subtle throughout the night, but when asked if her toothache would cause any troubles for her in her recording, Joey impatiently answered, “I don’t know yet!” Joey did disclosed that her face has become bruised and swollen as of lately and that she’s been only able to consume mostly liquid and some soft food, leaving her rather hungry at times.

Monday, July 23, 2007

10th Anniversary of HKSAR Celebration

Event: 10th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR Celebration & Award Presentation

Date: July 26, 2007

Where: Guangzhou, China

Artists present (that I know of): Jacky Chan, Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Liza Wang, Eric Tsang, Bowie Tsang, Jacky Cheung, Simon Yam, Karen Mok, Twins, Shawn Yue, Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Angie Chiu, Vivian Chow, Andrew Lau, Eason Chan, Hacken Lee, Leehom Wang, Sandy Lam, Charmaine Sheh, etc.


Friday, July 20, 2007

Maggie Cheung to host Mr. Hong Kong


Over the past year, Maggie Cheung has taken some time off from filming, etc. and just this past May, Maggie filmed for a skincare ad, "unofficially" announcing her return to the entertainment industry. With rumors circulating through many artists of ATV's offer to sign them over and with her return to the circle, Maggie was ATV's latest target. However, couple of months ago, Maggie was already visited by TVB executive, Virginia Lok, urging her to stay and film for TVB's newest "Cold Encounters of the Third Kind" 《第三類暗戰》 , replacing the rumor-plagued Sonija Kwok.

Maggie at the end declined the role, explaining her body's not ready to film into the late-night hours just yet. Virginia Lok approached Maggie once again recently to offer as co-MC for this year's Mr. Hong Kong along side Dodo Cheng, which she immediately agreed. "I like to take the opportunity to thank you, Ms. Lok, for giving me this opportunity. I have always been interested in being a MC for shows. Besides, I'll be working opposite with Dodo, and with her there, it's definitely reassuring on part."

Sidney: Yay! Maggie's back! Can't wait to see her next month on the Mr. HK show. But her as a MC? She's a great as an actress, but...hmm...have to wait and see. I wonder if Anna Yau will be be joining Dodo 姐 and Maggie as the MCs.

Jessica Hsuan and Joe Ma support copyrights

Earlier, Jessica Hsuan and Joe Ma attended a function in Dongguan in support for legal, copyrighted materials. Since throughout China is airing TVB and CCTV’s joint production, “Drive of Life,” many fans that attended the function were ecstatic when they saw Jessica and Joe performed together, dubbing them as their most ideal onscreen couple!

Both Joe and Jessica sang songs and played games w/ the audience at the function. Because that day Jessica wore a suspended knit top, was she not afraid of accidental exposure? Jessica laughed and said, “I knew there’s going to be lots of people, so I have already taken all safety precautions necessary."

Source: Sun & Mingpao

Thursday, July 05, 2007

LIVE EARTH: The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis

Just finished reading the latest TVB ratings for the week (yeah, I know, it was posted up at the beginning of week and I just now saw it =P ). "On the First Beat," 《學警出更》 really isn't getting ratings that everyone (myself included) is expecting. Sure, an average of +/- 33 pts every week is good, but expected higher. "The Green Grass of Home" 《緣來自有機》on the other hand, got a peak of 37pts this past week! That's very impressive! I haven't started watching the series yet and was a bit iffy awhile back when TVB wanted to air it. lol..I guess I was wrong after all. It had a good cast and it's about environmental awareness. Why not watch it?! =)

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Speaking of environmental awareness, just a small reminder/announcement here: the LIVE EARTH 24-hour, 7-continent Concert will be broadcast this Saturday, July 7, 2007. Tickets, I believe, are still available to be purchase if interested (except UK; tickets sold out). The concert will be broadcast/perform live at the following cities respectively:
  • LIVE EARTH NEW YORK @ Giants Stadium
  • LIVE EARTH LONDON @ Wembley Stadium
  • LIVE EARTH SYDNEY @ Aussie Stadium
  • LIVE EARTH HAMBURG @ HSH Nordbank Arena
  • LIVE EARTH TOKYO @ Makuhari Messe
  • LIVE EARTH JOHANNESBURG @ the Coca-Cola Dome
  • LIVE EARTH SHANGHAI @ the Oriental Pearl Tower
  • LIVE EARTH RIO DE JANEIRO @ Copacabana Beach
Artists present @ Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai

*Remember to TUNE IN! *

Monday, July 02, 2007

A Better Tomorrow Concert

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If you guys haven't found out yet, this past Sunday was the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong's reunification with China. Since it is the 10th Anniversary, TVB & CCTV once again collaborated together to produce a series of concerts (basically a couple of different shows with a variety of top artists in the entertainment, well-known athletes, acrobats, etc. over this past weekend) to perform. The first one I finished: "A Better Tomorrow Concert" 《香港明天会更好: 庆祝香港回归十周年(同一首歌)大型演唱会》.

I really love concerts like these; so interesting and entertaining. However, there's a minor setback I didn't like. Everyone was speaking in Putonghua! lol... my comprehension of Mandarin is not very good. I can understand pretty well, but only if it's spoken at a slow pace. Luckily, throughout the show, Carol Cheng, Eric Tsang, and some CCTV hosts (I assumed) took turns MC-ing (Carol and Eric's mandarin were pretty slow, and once in awhile added a word or two of Cantonese in their dialogues. lol...made it a lot easier for me.)

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For me, the best part of this concert (mainly because I'm most familiar to these artists) was when TVB artists came out to perform...or should I say lip-sync their songs. First up was, Patrick Tang & Anne Heung singing Beyond's hit "Glory Days" 《光輝歲月》. Very good song, an oldie with nice lyrics. I'm actually surprise to see Patrick Tang perform. I read from somewhere that he just recently re-signed with TVB and already he's...just there! Anne's pre-recorded voice sounds very husky in my opinion, but that's what she usually sounds like whenever she sings.

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Next comes the cute couple, Raymond Lam and Bernice Liu singing a remix? version of Andy Lau's "The Days We Passed Together" 《一起走過的日子》. Raymond is just a great singer and wonderful to look at, but for some odd reason, I didn't like this performance. =/ lol...Bernice...looks great, good effort with the lip-syncing. If you guys read the news the past couple of days, TVB artists were struggling with their introductions of themselves in Putonghua, and Bernice was one of them. Poor her, she probably had no idea what was being said around her. However she did mustered out a "Wo ting bu dong" (我聽不懂) when Eric kept on bullying her. lol...kinda funny.

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Shirley Yeung, Tracy Yip, along with Ray and Patrick performed Richie Ren's song "Girl Across the Way, Look Over Here" 《對面的女孩看過來》 (I love this song!). Based on my opinion only, I think Shirley did the best amongst the girls in singing. She sounded good to me! (shrugs) Earlier there were reports that Shirley was "frozen" by TVB, which I think is true. I'm assuming she should be on her way back pretty soon. Like Patrick Tang, she's there performing and representing TVB. The second song and last song that all six artist performed was Leehom Wang's "Descendants of the Dragon" 《龍的傳人》. I absolutely love this song. So no matter who sings it, I'll still like it. No comment there. =)