Saturday, April 01, 2006

Will Kenix be leaving TVB, too?

I just finished reading Jayne's article about Frankie Lam's decision in leaving TVB. To me, that's not a big surprise since Frankie's been with TVB for so long and haven't really gotten the chance to shine and I'm not stopping him from leaving. Frankie's acting has always been okay, but very very stiff. It hardly gets remembered by any of the audience when watching his series! Poor guy! His wife, Kenix, on the other hand, is an outstanding actress. One of the top actresses in today's HK entertainment industry. Since Frankie has decided not to renew his contract with TVB, and going to mainland China to film, will Kenix be going with him? As the saying goes, "When you marry a chicken, you follow the chicken. When you marry a dog, you follow the dog. When you marry a monkey, and you'll be following the monkey all over the place!" lol...I don't know if you get what I just said, but I hope not! I want Kenix to stay behind, and at least be able to win the Best Female Actress award that's been constantly in her reach, but unable to grasp it all the way. Frankie, go, okay with me. Kenix, stay and don't go, okay with me.


Blogger Plee said...

Ah! I hope not. Kenix is sooo good at acting. Good luck to Frankie.

10:59 PM 

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