Thursday, March 30, 2006

Song of the Day

I know, I know, most of you guys would probably think I'm old and crazy for listening to oldies, but what is it not to like about them! They are great! The song is great, the singer is great, the lyrics are great! lol...if you guys must know, I listen to them to practice my cantonese with. Wonderful source for all ABC (American-born Chinese). hehe...Hope you guys like this oldie I picked out!

多情 aka "Full of Affection"

Singer: Vivian Lai 黎瑞恩

Download Here

TVB Related: Umm...nothing really...she did do some travel show for TVB before, so I guess that counts! hehe...Enjoy!

Song of the Day (Part II)

Okay, today, I'm just on a role with good songs! Another friend of mine reminded me of how great the themesong to Cold Blood Warm Heart really is. Can't believe it's been forever since I last heard it! lol...posted it up for all who has heard of it to enjoy and reminiscent back the good old times and for the people who hasn't heard of it, you'll love it....maybe! hehe...

天地男兒 aka "Cold Blood Warm Heart"
Singer: Adam Cheung 鄭少秋;4931779;;/fileinfo.html


Blogger tvbsquare said...

woo... so many songs to share ;-) awesome. I will love to collect Sidsation's songs of the day.. very special, hehe...

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