Tuesday, March 28, 2006

When will the Era start?

It has come to my attention that it’s been quite some time since TVB made a grand production series. I don’t mean series, like War and Beauty or Revolving Doors of Vengeance, or even Square Pegs/Life Made Simple. I want a grand-grand production, like they used to in the 1990s, focusing on business, family, fate, love, everything! TVB is known to have a great cast, a great storyline, a great genre, and great expectations for all its new series. Where did it all go? Here’s a highlight of a few grand-productions that was a huge hit:

The Greed of Man

Production: 1992
Cast: Adam Cheung, Damian Lau, Sean Lau, Vivian Chow, Amy Kwok, Michael Tao, Yammie Lam, Bowie Lam

A wonderful, wonderful, tragic, but very interesting series. The whole stock market effect was the coolest thing ever! Even until today, the stock market is still affected every time one of Adam Cheung’s series is aired. Not many TVB series in history can ever affect the economy like this series can! A great genre, a great, if not twisted, storyline, with an amazing cast! How else to say, the start of the 1990s with this epic TVB series of greed, love, revenge, life, turmoil, all in one!

Cold Blood Warm Heart

Production: 1995-1996
Cast: Gallen Lo, Julian Cheung, Adam Cheung, Christine Ng, Nnadia Chan, Jessica Hsuan, Louis Koo, Maggie Cheung, Astrid Chan

TVB’s strongest, finest, fittest, the new generation (of that time), extraordinary casts all in here, 天地男兒. Even the title, Cold Blood Warm Heart, is the coolest ever! This series focus about a family owned bank and how lots of people are willing to do the unthinkable to get their hands on it. With its twist & turn of betrayal and hatred, families & life-long friends, lost & gain of love, and the thirst of power, it brings forth unforgettable acting, unforgettable chemistry, unforgettable storyline, and most important of all, unforgettable of love for every single cast member in this series. A definite must see if haven’t!

Secret of the Heart

Production: 1997-1998
Cast: Gallen Lo, Michael Wong, Sunny Chan, Amy Kwok, Kathy Chow, Jessica Hsuan, Ada Choi, Nick Cheung

One of the most spectacular groups of artists combined to make this series. Lasting over 60 episodes (don’t see that in any of TVB’s newest series), it has become one of TVB’s most controversial series ever! Lots of questions are left unanswered and kept the audience guessing (e.g. Did Diana die?) We don't see that now, in today's endings. Dramatic, but satisfying. Sad but so sweet. Wrong, but so right. (sigh) I miss that!

At the Threshold of an Era I & II

ATE 1&2
Production: 1999-2000
Cast: Gallen Lo, Louis Koo, Roger Kwok, Sunny Chan, Kenix Kwok, Flora Chan, Ada Choi, Maggie Siu, Lisa Wang

Ending the century with a strong class of artists, in the battle and journey of rising up to the top from the bottom up in the business world. Despite the fact of lots of betrayal, and the how people are willing to sacrifice all for what they desire, this is a great! Love everyone! Can't be a better way to end the 20th century and to start the 21st with ATE!

A full decade of amazing business series, that has lots of family, fate, love, everything! Where has it all gone?!! At the Threshold of an Era is supposed to be the beginning of the Era! So far, I haven't seen anything that's been produced that could compare to these. I'm so disappointed! Michael Miu has stated that he'll start on a 60+ episodes series later in the year, and I'm psych about it! Maybe the Era has finally come! hmm...We'll just have to wait and see!


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