Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Next Magazine TV Award...Winners?

I saw that lots of people are really shocked by this year's 2006 Next Magazine TV Award winners list. I am, too! For one, I'm mostly shocked that lots of my favorite artists are on the list! Yay!! Next, Angela Tong, first time on the list and as the #1 artist! Wow! A major shocker! Beating out my favorite artist, Jessica Hsuan, leaving her the #2 spot! I didn't really found Angela's win that shocking, since we can just look at all she has got since Life Made Simple aired last November! Winning the Best Supporting Actress award, having her own TV show, gaining more appearances at function, commercials, etc. How long will her "Lei Siu Ho" character's fame last? hmm...I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Here are the awesome pictures of the Next Magazine TV Award winners. It's great! Much better than this year's TVB calendar pics. lol...guess TVB will have to learn from them! Enjoy!

1.) Angela Tong

That's a very seductive picture of Angela. Fits her old characters she used to portray perfectly. Maybe she's going back to her old way (shrugs) I don't know. But photographers, I think Angela needs some help in getting up!

2.) Jessica Hsuan

Wow! What can I possibly say about Jessica! She's perfect! So elegant, so high class, so sophisticated! Perfect!

3.) Bosco Wong

Bosco seems very relax in the pic. Nothing much I can really say, but great job for making into the top 3! A definite shocker. Okay, now cover up! No need to show your...

4.) Roger Kwok

lol...Roger is so goofy in the pic. =) The funny hairstyle makes it even better! Definitely the worst hairstyle he has, maybe even worse than his "bowl cut" hair from LMS!

5.) Liza Wang

Definitely fits Liza's arrogant personality. All royalty and better than the rest. I guess like Angela, her "sassy" Mother-in-Law character has not run out of its luck either!

6.) Kenix Kwok

Great picture of Kenix. She doesn't seem to be as skinny as she usually seen. Love it! But is she trying out for Survivor?

7.) Myolie Wu

Ehh...I guess Myolie was trying to be seductive in this pic. I don't see it. The only thing I can think of is that she better get out fast, before she runs out of air!

8.) Bernice Liu

Always the seductive artist without trying to be, Bernice looks great! She has a great figure! (sigh) If I could only look like that! a million years! Is Bernice wanting a part in The Biter Bitten? Looks like she's testing the trapeze bar!

9.) Charmaine Sheh

Very sexy of Charmaine! Again, like Kenix, she doesn't seem to be as skinny as she always seem to be. Much younger, too! Love it! But do you need some help with the dress?

10.) Moses Chan

Poor Moses! He looks like he's in pure torture! What is that woman doing to him? Wait...don't answer that! I don't want to know! =/

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Blogger tvbsquare said...

haha, this is the 1000th different opionion I read today.. and yet, amazing.. love your blog!

9:59 PM 
Blogger DarKScoRpioN said...

Kenix Kwok is one of the best TVB actresses in the industry. Hope to see her take on a more active role like she use to. Check out 36 beautiful scans of her here.

7:50 PM 

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