Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Accidents Occur Constantly on set of "Do Cheung Fung Wan"

Source: The Sun & Oriental
Translated by: Sidney

So far, in TVB's newest series, Do Cheung Fung Wan (賭場風雲), has started filming without having a prayer ceremony. The two lead artists, Jessica Hsuan & Bobby Au Yeung, has been plagued by continuous disasters during filming. Just the other day during filming, Jessica was filming a running scene and accidently trips and falls down! Guess its really hard for them not to believe in superstition!

The other day Jessica Hsuan and Bobby Au Yeung were filming for their new series "Do Cheung Fung Wan." The scene calls for a cart-racing running scene, but during filming, Jessica was seen to have a hard time catching her breath. To make it worse, Jessica tripped over the groceries, falling on the street, causing her right knee to be bruised and swollen. Jessica and Bobby later explained that the reasons so many bad lucks are occurring could be due to them not have had a prayer ceremony yet. Having it hard for them to not believe in superstition! Jessica also tried to explained that her character is very lively, always in constant motion, so it's very easy to cause minor accidents when filming. "Life is always full of small little incidents, but everyday having little bruises here and there, really is too many!" When asked if it was because a prayer ceremony hasn't been done, causing so many accidents to occur, Jessica replied, "Of course! The ceremony is just a way that helps bring peace/relieve to our hearts, knowing that everything/everyone is going to be safe."

Bobby was hurt earlier when accidently crashing into some camera equipments, leaving his knee to be bruised and swollen, too. Bobby just smiled and jokingly said "See! This is what you get for not having a prayer ceremony! No...The prayer ceremony is just to help bring relieve to our hearts that all will go well during filming."


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