Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What is up with April?

What is up with April? The month has just started and I've already been shocked/surprised with so many things!

1.) April Fool's Day

I know I've fooled a couple of people on that day. Surprisingly, I didn't get fooled this year. Hey! What am I complaining about?! That should be a good thing...I guess. =/

2.) The Unexpected High Ratings for Safe Guard

Like I said yesterday, I'm fascinated that Safe Guard got the ratings when airred. Shocked, yes. But by now, it's more of a "Cool!" then a "Wow!" to me. hehe...=D

3.) Hawick Lau has gone to ATV!!

Shocked too, huh? No? Well, I am! How can he leave TVB like this after all these years?! (sigh) One by one, TVB's stars are leaving! Wonder who is it going to be next? (sigh)

4.) THERE IS NO #4. =P

Maybe later in the month or just later. Can't think of any right now. hehe...


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