Monday, April 03, 2006

Bernice Liu conceals her chest but not her dancing skills

Yesterday, Bernice Liu and Stephanie Cheng attended a "Nike Dance Contest 2006" serving as judges and participants; showing off their excellent dancing skills. When Bernice came out to dance, she was all hyped up and full of energy, but since learning from previous experience, Bernice decided to wear a vest-type shirt and long pants to prevent from exposing too much. Although Bernice has chosen to conceal her upper torso area, her dancing skills was released all the way, going to its extremes! Having been practicing for about 3 months, Bernice thought it was all worth it, since dancing keeps the body healthy and helps with breathing exercises. During the judging, the judges focused on 2 main areas: Are the contestants trying their best? and Are they having fun as well? Since being an entertainer and known to have a wonderful body, Bernice was asked what advice she could give out to the fans to stay fit. "As an entertainer, we have to be in the best shape we could. But losing weight through not eating is the wrong method to do it! Exercise is the best and the right way to approach proper dieting methods." Bernice also hopes that in the near future, she’ll be able to release songs that could be able to dance to.

Source: Orisun
Translated by: Sidney


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