Sunday, April 02, 2006

Return of the Condor Heroes '95? / Song of the Day

I guess I consider myself as the rebel TVB fan in "Return of the Condor Heroes." Since I saw so many fans praising the 1995 version and so many blogs talking about it, so why not my blog, too!! lol... Not that I don't like the '95 version of it; starring Louis Koo and Carmen Lee, but I much prefer the older one: 1983!! Starring: Andy Lau as Yeung Gor and Idy Chan as "Siu Leong Nui" (少龍女). I'm not even born yet when it was released!..But I still love it. Who can forget the chemistry of Andy and Idy! They were so perfect (in the series) for each other. Maybe because it was so old, it just made it more believable that it actually happened! Well, to me it did! hehe... Plus the graphics and the special effects were really good back then. A definite must watch version of it if you haven't, but in the mean time, enjoy the images uploaded and my song of the day...

何日再相见 aka the themesong of "The Return of the Condor Heroes '83"
Singer: Teresa Cheung 張德蘭

Download Here

Images Credit: TVBsquare & Monjeh


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I LOVE THE SCREEN CAPS!!!!! high quality, man

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