Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hawick Lau signs with ATV

Just the other day, Hawick Lau (劉愷威) and Patricia Lau (劉綽琪) attended a contract signing event, officially signing with ATV! Over the past 6 months, Hawick has already started collaborating with ATV. And in order to participate in ATV’s newest series, Hawick has chosen to decline some mainland productions. Signing with ATV on a 1 year contract, Hawick was asked if he’s asked his dad, Lau Daan, for his opinion on switching to a different company and if TVB will be mad at him for switching. Hawick replied, “My mom has always complained that she wasn’t able to see me a lot. Working back in HK works out real well for me. As for TVB, TVB is my maternal home. I’m very thankful for them in giving me so many opportunities. Maybe in the future we might be able to work together again. Besides, TVB is a big company. I’m sure I wouldn’t have made them angry."

Patricia Lau has revealed that she has signed a 2 year contract with ATV. Over the last 6 months, she too, has been approached by the company to switch over. Finally, attracted to their offer and sincerity, Patricia signed with them, saying, “ATV has varieties of shows and TV programs. I would like the opportunity to have a breakthrough performance. Over the next couple of projects, it will be very fresh start for me. I will soon start filming a new series for ATV, and be the host for one of their programs.” Patricia wants to thank TVB for giving her the opportunities to work with them. But a person has to think of themselves first, and ATV does giver a wider horizon of opportunities, to expand herself and her talents.

Translated by: Sidney


Blogger tvbsquare said...

their "name tag" looks strange.. lol.. so sad Patrica is leaving. I really like her... 5555

6:58 PM 
Blogger Sidney said...

Quick, everyone, write down their I.D. numbers! You might be able to get access inside ATV! hehe...j/k! Don't do it! =D
I like Patricia, too! (thanks for telling me her name; completely forgot her english name! lol....) 'm sure she got potential, but TVB is just crammed with younger stars every year! No wonder she has to leave. =(

10:04 PM 

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