Monday, April 03, 2006

Leila Tong attends children birthday event

Leila Tong, yesterday, attended a “Children Birthday Event” held at McDonald’s as a guest. Since little, Leila always wanted to have her birthday at McDonald’s, but never got the opportunity. Being a big “little kid” herself, Leila was welcome by all the children; playing and laughing with them throughout. “I always like children. But as for now, I have no plans in getting married or having kids. I already have 4 dogs at my house, and they’re all I can handle. Beside, I treat them like my own kids, so it doesn’t really matter for me.”

Leila will soon be filming for a new ghost movie. Will she be scared or spooked that things might happen / “see ghost?” Since she never really had had any special beliefs, Leila said, “I’m not too worried. I’ll just film it as I do it for my other films. If there happens to be anything wrong, I’ll just make myself not think about it. Besides, my family is already worried about it, and I’m sure they’ll help pray that all goes well for me during filming.”

Source: Orisun
Translated by: Sidney


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