Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Shocking TVB ratings! Again!

I'm literally shocked by TVB's ratings for the past couple of weeks/months. How can some of these series get the ratings they got! Outrageous!

1.) Leathal Weapons of Passion and Love 覆雨翻雲

One of TVB's most anticipated series of the year! It had all the fans complaining on when it would airred. Yet when it finally does, what happens? The ratings was a flop! It was completely horrible! Averaging air ratings in the lower 20s. Shocking, yes! Since it had Raymond, Charmaine, Sonija, Bosco as the main leads. But I'm okay with it...I gave up on the series, too! =)

2.) Under the Canopy of Love 天幕下的恋人

A very underrated series is what I think. The cast wasn't all that impressive, and the acting was only semi-great (except for Bosco's). Yet despite all the cons of it, it had a very high steady ratings! Averaging 30+ pts for every episode and ending with a peak of 37 pts! That's something to be impressed about.

3.) Safe Guard 鐵血保鏢

Safe Guard has just finished airing in HongKong, and throughout the airing of the series, the ratings was doing pretty well. Great comeback of Steven Ma for having been gone for so long! But that's not what suprised me the most. What surprised me is that Safe Guard is now being compared to Life Made Simple's ratings! I watched LMS and not SG, but can it be that good that it can be compared? hmm...I would really give this series a try, but this one person is what made me back away from it. Elaine Yiu. I still haven't forgotten her horrible acting in RDOV. I may in the future, but not now.


Blogger tvbsquare said...

hmm, i think UTCOL is over-rated way too much. The Kev+Niki chemistry wasn't that attractive. Especially if you watched Hard Fate, you will prefer their chemistry there more than anything in UTCOL.

my theory behind the low rating of LWOLAP is that, HK audiences do read the orginial book, and the series storyline is WAY OFF that book, so, no one want to bother watching it.

As for Safe Guards, the whole reason for that air rating is not Steven Ma, it's Waynei, he is 100% perfect in that series. I am begin to watching it... lol...

11:52 AM 
Blogger Sidney said...

good point about it being overrated. but I guess our thoughts are different this time! hehe...=)

4:45 PM 

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