Thursday, January 24, 2008

Finally back...I hope

lol...well, it seems like another month has passed by without blogging again. Sad that I probably lost majority of my readers here, but on a brighter note (for myself), I was able to catch up with things I'd slacked off for a good part of the year. Yay! Feel so relax right now...

Looking at the current TVB programme list and their decision to air one sequel after another of past (successful?) series, I'm beginning to think TVB's having their own version of the "writers' strike," too! Where's the creativity? Survivor's Law II, War of In-Laws II, The Gentle Crackdown II. Come on... And to have them air consecutively after each other? (sigh) That's my little rant about them for now. Possibly more later...after I watch them.


Another bright note (for me; possible for others, too) "Best Selling Secrets" has extended the episodes up to 500!! Wonderful news to me as I'm still keeping up with it; however, I'm not quite sure if my parents want to spend any more money on a sitcom, but that's another story.

BSS is getting pretty interesting as now their focal point concentrates on the relationships of the each character. I like that, as it makes the storyline flows more smoothly and easier to captivate the attention of it's viewers. The addition cast members made (picture above) indicates the increase appearance of these characters. A little bit disappointed that Florence Kwok wasn't among the individuals picked, but I highly doubt her character will be minimized. The storylines between her and Diana Di (Alvina Kong) and Mo Gai Yung (Stephen Au) are the highlights of the sitcom. TVB can't be that cruel to me and write their storylines off.